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Copenhagen Distillery

RARE EDITION WHISKY Batch No. 2 - 50cl

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A bottle of whisky that embodies the story of how we made barrel-aged gin while we waited for our whisky to mature. From gin to whisky. Using our original Oak Gin casks infused with Pedro Ximenes sherry, we age this well-balanced and complex whisky with spicy and peppery notes from medium-toasted casks, followed by green grass, toffee, and sherry. The result is a sweet and dry whisky with a long-lasting aftertaste of bitter almonds and sweet aromas that continuously evolves. With a golden color and a mild, sweet aroma of summer flowers, orange, and ripe berries, our craft distilling process brings out the best in the ingredients and showcases the mastery of our craft in every drop of RARE Edition Whisky Batch 2.

  • Alcohol: 49.0% vol.

  • Allergens: None